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Teknisk info: Technical information Technical information about especially Renault 10.
Modellpresentation Presentation of Renault rear-engined models A presentation of all rear-engined models made by Renault, e.g. "how it all started".
Tekniska data för:
  • Div. data
  • R8 Deluxe
  • R8 Major
  • R8 A
  • R8 S
  • R8 Gordini R1134
  • R8 Gordini R1135
  • R10 Major 1100
  • R10 1300
Technical data for:
  • Various tech. data 
  • R8 Deluxe
  • R8 Major
  • R8 A
  • R8 S
  • R8 Gordini R1134
  • R8 Gordini R1135
  • R10 Major 1100
  • R10 1300
Technical data for the various models of R8 and R10 presented to left. Also a document available for download on the page "Various tech. data" (Div. data in Swedish).
Identifikation Identification Identification of the R8 and R10 models.
Rutinunderhåll, service och reparationer Routine maintenance, service and repairs Guidance to routine maintenance, service and "smaller" repairs on the R8/R10
Litteratur: Literature Different literature with connection to the R8 and R10 models.
Manualer R8/R10-manuals Examples of manuals, repair- and tuneup-guides, users guides etc. 
Broschyrer Sales brochures Examples of sales brochures for the R8 and R10.
R8/R10-reklam R8/R10 commercials Examples of Swedish commercials with the R8 and R10.
R8/R10-tester Tests of the R8/R10 made by the Swedish motor magazines Tests that were made by the Swedish motor magazines back in the 1960´s. Also includes some publicity from the sixties...
Modellbilar Model cars (miniatures) Model cars (miniatures) of the R8 and the R10.
Bilder: Pictures Pictures of Renaults taken today and yesterday.
  • R8-bilder
  • R10-bilder
  • Övriga bilder
The R8/R10-Picturegallery
  • R8-pictures
  • R10-pictures
  • Other Renaultpictures
Picturegallery mainly for the R8/R10. If you've got any nice pictures of R8's or R10's, send them to me and I will publish them on the site!!
I backspegeln - Renaultbilder från förr  In the rear mirror - Renault pictures from yesterday This picture gallery displays the old Renault pictures, those that were taken yesterday. Pictures of these cars the way we remember them. I would like to publish your old Renault pictures! Take a look in your old family-album's and send the pictures to me! 
Träffbilder Pictures from meetings  Pictures from different meetings that I've been visiting. Mainly pictures of old Renaults, but also other interesting, old cars/vecycles can be present.
Downloads Downloads A page where you can download R8/R10 - desktop backgrounds and screensavers to your computer.
Våra R8/R10: Our Renault 8's and Renault 10's Pictures and descriptions about our Renault 8's and Renault 10's.
F.d. R8 & R10 R8/R10:s previously owned by our family Contains pictures and stories of three different R8:s and two different R10:s, owned by our family in the 1960's and 1970's. Stories in Swedish.
Vår R10 Major
  • Bilens handlingar
  • Bilder
  • Renoveringsprocessen
Our own Renault 10 Major
  • Orig. car documents 
  • Pictures
  • Restorationprocess
Description of the R10 Major that me and my father owns. Restoration, pictures from meetings, original documents that followed the car when we bought it, etc.
Nya projekt
  • Renoveringen av '68:an
New R10-projects
  • Restore of the '68 R10
Description and pictures of the Renault 10 '68 and Renault 10 '69 that we bought 2002. The '69 R10 is now sold.
Köp & Sälj Buy and sell Marketplace where you can buy and sell rear-engined Renaults, spare parts and assecories. Only in Swedish...
Forum The forum A forum for people interested in older Renaults. Leave a message!!
Gästbok The guest book My guest book. It would be fun if you wrote me a message about what you think of my website, things to improve etc...
Länkar Links Links to different R8/R10-sites, but also some other Renault-sites and to my own pages, where I tell a little more about myself.
Svensk sitekarta Svensk sitekarta Swedish sitemap with all links on this webbsite in Swedish.
English sitemap English sitemap English sitemap with the names of all links on this webbsite translated into English.


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